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4 bright star-whitening products

Spring is a good time to raise your skin and build your complexion. Once this season is over, your skin is about to face the hot sun.

Therefore, the strong skin needs to let white come out from the skin this spring.

Today, Xiaobian recommends several bright-whitening products to everyone, so that your skin can put aside the burden of sun protection, without fear of the sun, and become the most dazzling scenery under the sun!

  Estee Lauder Intensive Brightening Essence Serum Who says that the essence is only effective at night?

Using the essence at night can help the skin absorb and restore the whitening vitality. In the morning, use the light spot essence to prevent the skin from getting darker under the direct sunlight.

If you want the skin to be perfectly spotted and your face brightened at the same time, you need to stay spotless day and night.

Estee Lauder’s alternative to other products is that it can be used once in the morning and evening, and it will exert its power from the fragile skin and produce a whitening effect.

Slowly you will find.

The stains have subsided and the skin has started to have some sheen.

Although this product is very worthy of the local skin spot lightening effect, but the skin whitening effect is slightly lacking.

  Esther Whitening Essence Whitening Essence whitening products can not cure the symptoms but not the root cause. The skin that seems to be whitening is immediately restored to its original shape within a few days. Only whitening the skin from the base and easily exuding from the skin is the real whitening.

Estee Whitening Essence, which has entered the Chinese mainland market from Japan, is the favorite of many actresses in Japan and Taiwan. The bottle is simple and elegant, but contains powerful whitening energy. Estee Whitening Essence contains several collagensWith Vitamin C whitening inducer, it can quickly and effectively suppress pigmentation and pigmentation, effectively restore skin to whitening base, adjust uneven skin tone, and let white from the inside out.

  As far as Niu Er Lavender Whitening Snow Lotion is concerned, any skin care product with some whitening ingredients is mildly irritating to the skin. For sensitive or dehydrated skin, whitening is really an unthinkable thing.

Niu Er (Weibo) Lavender Whitening Lotion is a whitening toner specially designed for sensitive skin, with lavender essential oil, Bio-White bright botanical complex, stable L-vitamin C bearberry leaf extract and licorice extractSuch as hypoallergenic ingredients, while whitening and hydrating the skin, prevent water loss and reduce spots.

  Guerlain Royal Orchid Ultimate Whitening Essence is a brand new Guerlain product. It uses innovative products introduced by Guerlain, a traditional whitening care product featuring medical whitening active ingredients.

It not only helps the skin to show fairness, but also makes the skin full of luster and shine, showing extraordinary and clear and fair, blooming pure luster, the skin obviously regains youth.