It’s fundamental for a child to recover from a cold

It’s fundamental for a child to recover from a cold

From the internal causes of children’s cold in summer, because the summer temperature is relatively high, thirsty, and drink more, it is easy to cause water to stop internally, and depression and heat; children sweat less and consume energy; relatively high humidity, decreased appetite, will affect eating; Days long and nights short and stuffy, leading to lack of sleep.

These factors will make the human body’s resistance lower and susceptible to external evils.

From the external reasons, children are prone to cold and cold drinks, such as blowing air conditioners, drinking cold drinks, eating ice cream, bathing in cold water, and sleeping on the cold, and so on.Suitable for the growth of some pathogenic microorganisms.

Onset is the result of a combination of factors.

Mainly manifested as nasal congestion, sneezing, fever, head weight, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Those who have sore throat, cloudy sputum, yellow sputum, and yellow fur are greasy and cold; those who have no sore throat, clear nose, white phlegm, and afraid of cold, and white fur are cold and damp; accompanied by high fever, sweat, and fatigueIt is a fever, cold, yin and cold; pale, yellow eyes, blue eyes, “green tendons” on the bridge of the nose, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness is a cold of the spleen.

Treatment should be based on syndrome differentiation.

Cold and wet cold with aromatizing wet, Xin Wen solution table method, commonly used fragrant drink addition and subtraction, cold mixture, Huoxiangzhengqi liquid (water, pills, capsules) and so on.

For hot and cold, use aromatization and dampness, detoxify and cool the table method, and commonly use the newly added fragrant drink, antipyretic mixture, manna disinfection soup and so on.

Hot injury, yin and cold should pay attention to nourishing yin and clearing heat to avoid aggravating the condition due to yin and yin. Bamboo leaf plaster soup, Qingshu Yiqi soup and so on are commonly used.

Spleen Deficiency Cold uses aromatic solution to relieve spleen, dampen spleen and dampness, commonly used Qiweibaizhu powder, Wuye Lugen soup and so on.

It takes a lot of money to recover from a cold in the summer, and fighting the righteousness (immune system) and evil spirits (pathogenic microorganisms) of the body requires a process.

If there are no complications, a cold is usually 7?
Heal in 10 days.

Sleeping, drinking enough water, and restoring your own disease resistance are the basic methods!

Proper treatment and care can help righteousness.