Deadly threat from improper exercise

Deadly threat from improper exercise

A large number of new sports and fitness programs such as rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, mountain climbing, paragliding, cycling, self-driving tours are becoming the new favorite of fitness.

Whether it is a traditional fitness program or a new fitness program, the most important thing to pay attention to is to pay particular attention to injury prevention during sports and fitness. Safety is the first element of sports and fitness.

  All sports and fitness programs have both pros and cons.

If scientific and reasonable arrangements cannot be made, and reasonable response methods cannot be selected according to specific conditions in sports, the injuries caused by certain sports in the military may also be fatal, contrary to the original intention of fitness.

Whether it is to choose some form of fitness exercise, scientific and adequate preparation is a safe alternative.

The physical state of each individual is different at different times, so the choice of items must be arranged in accordance with the physical state of this period.

The most suitable way is to regularly go to the designated hospital or fitness monitoring department every year to make the necessary inspections, and then based on the test results, sports experts will issue targeted fitness prescriptions to carry out.

In addition, we must fully understand the characteristics and methods of preventing accidental injuries in the selected sports.

For example, it is very important for mountaineer enthusiasts to be fully prepared before setting off.

These preparations include understanding of local geography, climate, weather and other conditions, carrying all kinds of mountaineering cold protection equipment, radio rescue equipment and related rescue and field first-aid equipment, and related technical training are also necessary.

At the same time, you can also choose to establish a smooth communication channel with the rear to get rescue and support in time.

Winter climbing should also attach great importance to cold protection.

  Outdoor sports attract many sports enthusiasts due to their blending with nature and challenging themselves.

However, it is worth reminding the majority of outdoor athletes that these projects must be implemented with sufficient safety factors in order to avoid tragedies.

The purpose of any sport is fitness, not life.

Preparing well before the event is also an integral part of these sports.

  When skating enthusiasts are performing activities, they should pay attention to the melting of the ice surface to prevent drowning.

During the military’s current activities, it is best to go hand in hand and help each other in case of danger.

There are actually tips to prevent accidental injuries caused by winter swimming.

These tips are: You do not swim in the sun, you do not swim in the wind, you do n’t swim in the snow, you do n’t swim in the fog, you do n’t swim in the clear.

The winter swimming time can also be determined based on the high temperature. Under normal circumstances, it is generally appropriate to exercise for 20 minutes.

  At present, outdoor skiing, which is more and more popular among sports enthusiasts, is also an emerging project that easily hurts athletes.

Fans of this activity first learn and master various basic movements under the guidance of each ski resort coach, and at the same time master self-protection methods.

Before exercise, like other sports, you must do warm-up activities before exercise, open your body’s joints, and then exercise.

  Because self-driving cars are becoming more and more popular at present, in addition to car maintenance, don’t drive fatigue, and maintain a happy mood is also a necessary condition.

At the same time, it is best to travel together to deal with unexpected situations that may occur in the wild.