[Food for Nourishing the Palace]_How to Eat_How to Eat

[Food for Nourishing the Palace]_How to Eat_How to Eat

Women can be one of the most amazing creatures in the world, because with women, we can resume reproduction and harmony.

Succession lineage, in this case, the uterus and ovaries are the most important of the reproductive organs.

Because of the uterus and ovaries, our various organisms can resume reproduction and continue.

Survival So, in life, we must pay attention to women’s ovarian and uterine health, and then we will learn about some foods and some foods for raising a palace nest.

1. Rejuvenation of the system improves sleep, regulates constipation, accelerates metabolism, says goodbye to backache, leg pain, cold hands and feet, tiredness and sweaty, gloomy mood, irritability and other leaks.

2, physiological rejuvenation, dryness, pain, itching, irregular menstruation, flushing, hot flashes, etc. cannot disappear, effectively replacing menopause 5-10 years, husband and wife life is harmonious.

3, the appearance of young and beautiful appearance, no spots, no wrinkles, more hydrated, good flexibility, good shape, chest warpage, no excess meat, secretion restores balance.

After taking so many oral medicines, using so many antibiotics, as well as lotions and cosmetics, it is difficult to resist the appearance of aging, and it is difficult to shake the troubled diseases.If it is less than the needle, it will be stuck, and it will be moxibusted.

Nourishing Palace and Nesting Patch is a new product with the first exclusive dosage form and unique formula in China. Its peculiar method of use not only cures the disease, but also improves the body.

Two prescription triangle moxibustions, covering seven acupuncture points, seven-pronged, connecting the entire body meridian: electrotherapy moxibustion, bioelectricity, micro-high voltage electrostatic electret membrane field response: medicinal therapy, percutaneous replacement, meridian integration, one dose exceptpain.

Its unique structure, which can be called a golden combination, has three cores and two formulas. It must follow the meridians, open the acupuncture points, and exert force on the lesions. It is a good patch for gynecological diseases.

“No injection or medicine, just a patch”. In addition to the application method, the special-effect acupoints still use moxibustion, massage, acupuncture, and cupping.

Among the above five methods, moxibustion and compress method have been used the most in the past dynasties.

The method of nourishing the nest and protecting the nest is the master of these five therapies. Electromagnetic moxibustion, bioelectricity, micro-high-voltage electrostatic field, electret membrane field reaction, and medicinal moxibustion can be combined with special acupuncture points at one time to relieve pain.

Nourishing the palace and protecting the nest paste, for common gynecological diseases, one patch relieves pain, three patches improve symptoms, one course of treatment (one month), moist color, adhere to long-term application, the effect is significant every day.