[How to pickle hawthorn]_Pickling material_Method

[How to pickle hawthorn]_Pickling material_Method

Hawthorn is used in many ways in our lives. It can be eaten directly, and can also be used to make hawthorn slices and hawthorn juice. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should know how to marinate hawthorn.

The method of marinating hawthorn requires cutting the hawthorn first, then adding salt and sugar, cold boiled water, etc., and then putting the hawthorn in the jar to marinate the feed, but it needs to be sealed tightly, otherwise rotten fruits will appear.

For pickled hawthorn, 10 kg of salt and 3 kg of hawthorn, I put three packs of 400 g of salt rock sugar, 5-6 kg of rock sugar, see personal cold water glass bottle, a method of pickling hawthorn, and wash the hawthorn.Boil the salt, wait for it to cool, and then wash and cut it without cutting the core. Soak it in the cold salt water prepared in advance for eight hours or one night, or one night, pick it up and drain it the next day.In a glass bottle, one layer of hawthorn and one layer of rock sugar can be eaten for more than 20 days. If the hawthorn looks wrinkled, it means success. Soak the water and drink it super cool, sweet and sour, you can also eat directly, Just pickled a full bottle, half of the benefits of eating hawthorn at the end1, the benefits of eating hawthorn for women, the anti-aging effect of hawthorn is the top of the fruit, drinking more hawthorn lemonade is the easiest way to beautyAlready.

Hawthorn has a strong digestive function, and daily supplementation of hawthorn tea can also reduce blood fat.

Because many dysmenorrhea is caused by blood stasis, and hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so it has a certain effect.

2. The benefits of eating hawthorn for men. For middle-aged men nowadays, they have high mental stress and emotional depression, which can easily cause liver depression, irritability, irritability, anxiety, and loss of appetite. Males have more entertainment, and it is inevitable to drink alcoholIt is also easy to form what Western doctors call the “unfortunate liver”; face the computer for a long time, “long-term injury to the liver”; coupled with the increase in the number of patients with hepatitis B now, it is urgent to protect the liver.

Hawthorn is the most popular food with nourishing and degreasing effects.

It contains ursolic acid, which can reduce the deposition of animal feces on the walls of blood vessels and reduce arteriosclerosis to a certain extent.

In addition to eating more fresh hawthorn and hawthorn food, you can usually drink it with dried hawthorn soaked in water. It can also be added appropriately when stewing meat, which can be used to flavor and help digestion.