[How to make cold jellyfish skin]_ cold jellyfish skin _ how to do _ making method

[How to make cold jellyfish skin]_ cold jellyfish skin _ how to do _ making method

Cold jellyfish skin is the most common method, but it is the most delicious way to reflect it. Jellyfish itself has some toxicity, so it must be cleaned during cooking, otherwise it will cause vomiting and even poisoning symptoms.

The production method is relatively simple and can be completed in only four steps, but there is one thing that needs your attention, that is, do not go to the beach to catch those jellyfish, because that kind of toxicity is particularly strong.

Production method: 1.

First of all, cut the jellyfish into pieces, and then start to slice after you cut it. Let ‘s take a look. It is transparent like jelly. This is truly authentic (jellyfish).As you can see, the cost of this live jellyfish is very low. At present, 500 yuan for two yuan (live jellyfish is very low), so half a catty (one) is the cost of one yuan, which is very cheap.

Now cut it into strips and look smoother than jelly2.

The second important detail is to wash out the salt, because it grows in the sea, it is very salty, you need to change the water and wash it several times.

If possible, you should soak it in advance.

(Soak the sea bream for 30 minutes to remove salt), soak for half an hour, change the water every ten minutes, and it will not be salty. After coming out, it will be crystal clear, very smooth, and the salt will be washed out and not salty.Operate.


After removing salt, 250 g of live jellyfish, 50 g of peanut butter, 50 g of garlic, 60 g of rice vinegar, 30 g of sesame oil, 40 g of meida, 20 g of chives, and 20 g of parsley.

Initially add rice vinegar to the peanut butter, and turn the peanut butter away. This dish is a compound flavor. It tastes like the sour taste of rice vinegar and the fragrant and mellow feeling of peanut butter., Stir it evenly, garlic, Chinese cuisine pays attention to the trapezoidal seasoning.

This is the difference between Chinese food and Western food. Western food does not pay attention to hierarchical and seasoning (must be added in order). Trapezium seasoning is based on the order, what is added first and then what is added. The hierarchical taste he produces is notSimilarly, adding chives and parsley, this seasoning can be made in large quantities. It can be made 10 pounds and 5 at a time (put in line by line, chilled), and then kept in the refrigerator to keep it fresh at any time.Alright, add sesame oil at the end.

Then this seasoning is completed.

Finally, pour the seasoning on the jellyfish. After pouring the seasoning, you can shake the plate to change it.

(“Shake out” the jellyfish before serving) The jellyfish is slowly exposed, and then dug with a small spoon to eat, the taste will be very smooth and tender